March 25, 2009 (40th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Andrew Saxton


Mr. Andrew Saxton (North Vancouver, CPC)

Mr. Speaker, I am proud to be a member of the only party that is committed to fighting crime 365 days a year, the Conservative Party of Canada.
The Minister of Justice has recently introduced new measures that directly target organized crime in this country.
This government is addressing the serious issues of gang murders, drive-by shootings and offences committed against police and peace officers, and ensuring mandatory jail terms for serious drug dealers, importers and those who get involved with grow operations.
These measures can now be added to the lengthy list of crime and order items we have delivered on, including: limiting conditional sentences, making street racing an offence, ensuring serious gun crimes are met with mandatory jail time, raising the age of protection, toughening impaired driving laws, and making it tougher to get bail for firearm offences.
Canadians know they can count on this Conservative government to tackle violent crime in this country. We have done a lot, and we will continue to do more.

Topic:   Statements By Members
Subtopic:   Justice
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