March 24, 2009 (40th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Andrew Saxton (Interjection)


Mr. Andrew Saxton

Mr. Speaker, our government has been working hard to protect Canadians. Around the world, Canada is being looked at and praised as being a country that is doing the most to help its citizens right now. Our banking system is in the best condition of any banking system in the world, according to the World Economic Forum. This is because of prudent measures that have been put in place by our government.
We have been working hard to lower taxes so this recession will also not be so difficult for people and so they will have money in their pockets. They know where to spend that money better than anybody in Ottawa. We want to ensure this money gets to the people who need it most. We want to ensure this money creates jobs. We do not want to lose this construction season. We have a limited period of time to get these construction projects going, and we do not want to miss that opportunity.
We recommend that the opposition not play partisan politics, but look after the interests of Canadians first and support the bill.

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   Business of Supply
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