March 15, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Dowsley Reid (Minister of Customs)

Conservative (1867-1942)


1. Under date February 3, 1915, the
superintending engineer of the Quebec canals forwarded tenders for the stone to be furnished at the head of the Soulanges canal from J. A. Major & Co., of Montreal, Quebec, at $1.60 per cubic yard, and Phileas Dore, of Valleyfleld, Quebec, at $1.90 per cubic yard. Owing to these prices being high, and there being some difference as to the basis of the tenders so that a proper comparison was difficult, neither tender was accepted. Under date the 23rd of July, the department asked for tenders by circular letter from J. A. Major & Co., Montreal, Quebec, and Phileas Dore, Valley-field, Quebec, specifications being prepared calling for tenders on a per ton basis. The only tender received was that of Phileas Dore, Valleyfleld, Quebec, at $1.20 per ton of 2,000 lb., delivered on Government scows at point directed by the contractor, according to specification. This tender was recommended by the Chief Engineer of the department, and accordingly was accepted. It now appears that the letter addressed to J. A. Major & Co., of Montreal, Quebec, asking them to tender, was later returned to the department, marked "Opened by mistake, A. J. Major," after the tenders had been dealt with.
2. Tenders were invited by departmental circular letter.
3. Answered by No. 2.
4. The salaries of the officers and the
crew of the tug Carillon are: Napoleon
Bertrand, $85 per month; Nap. Molleur, $85; Joseph Molleur, $60; Alex. Menard, $50; Joseph Beriault, $50; Rosanna Bertrand, $40. .
5. Salaries received during the past season as follows: Adelard Royal, $232.75; Edmond Royal, $84.20; Benjamin Gauthier, $105.80; Avila Gauthier, $101; Joseph

Lalonde, $128; Daniel Lalonde, $77; Wil-brod Legros, $98; Jos. Lefebre, $140.20; Isidore Lecompte, $27.80; Honore Miron, $12; Xavier Dubois, $1; Arsene Beriault, $42.20; Louis Gagnon, $4; Isai'e Leroux, $41.80; Valmose Filiatrault, $141.
6. Levelling top of bank, forming slope, unloading scows and placing stone on slope.
7. L. S. Pariseau, C.E., and J. T. Lemaire, C.E.
8. From the 25th August to 25th November, inclusive.
9. Average 113 tons.
10. Three.
11. One, except one trip with two scows.

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