March 15, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)




1. What was the amount of the tender submitted bv Messrs, J. A. Major, of Montreal, and Philias Dore, of Valleyfleld, for the supply of stone for the construction of the pier on the Soulanges canal?
2. Were the tenders called publicly?
3. If so, in what newspapers?
4. What are the daily salaries of the officers and crew of the tug Carillon, of Napoleon Ber-

trand, Napoleon Molleur, Alex. Menard, Joseph Beriault and of Rosanna Bertrand?
5. What salaries were received during the past season by AdSlard Royal, Edmond Royal, Benjamin Gauthier, Avila Gauthier, Joseph La-londe, Daniel Lalonde, Valmose Filiatrault, Wil-brod Legros, Jos. Lefebvre, Isidore Lecompte, Honors Miron, Xavier Dubois, ArsSne Beriault, Louis Gagnon and Isale Leroux?
6. What was the character of the work given them to do?
7. Under whose superintendence was such work done ?
8. From what date to what date did the carrying of the stone last?
9. What quantity in tons of stone did a scow contain?
10. How many scows were used in the transportation of the stone?
11. How many scows did the tug Carillon tow at each trip?

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