June 19, 2008 (39th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Godfrey


Hon. John Godfrey (Don Valley West, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, as you can see, I have not quite gone yet.
That is because now, today, more than ever, Canadians have a clear choice concerning the environment.
The Liberal green shift will offer big tax cuts to all Canadians: taxes down. The Conservative plan offers dead ducks on tailing ponds
While our plan offers an improved child care tax credit to help families, the Conservatives are completely abandoning those most in need.
While our plan offers credits to seniors and citizens living in rural areas, the Conservative plan offers unregulated hot air emissions from the environment minister.
While our plan will not—I repeat, will not—increase the tax on gas at the pump, the Conservatives are allowing gas prices to continually rise and—

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Subtopic:   The Environment
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