June 18, 2008 (39th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Brent St. Denis


Mr. Brent St. Denis (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, soon, the Liberal leader and his team will unveil a new way to look at pollution and climate change. Unlike the Conservatives and the New Democrats, the Liberals are inviting Canadians to engage in an important dialogue on the future of energy use in Canada.
False reports by the Conservatives about a green tax shift underline their own lack of action and desperation.
They know, we know and Canadians know that something has to be done. Neither Canada nor the world can wait any longer.
Our plan will be comprehensive and it will be revenue neutral. Low income and middle income Canadians in particular will benefit from our green tax shift.
Canada cannot allow itself to lag behind in the green industrial revolution.
As one important aboriginal teaching says, “Our vision must be for seven generations”.
We know that Canadians want this debate and are aware of the consequences of inaction. It is sad that the Conservatives and the New Democrats do not have confidence in Canadians.

Topic:   Statements By Members
Subtopic:   The Environment
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