May 14, 2008 (39th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roy Cullen


Hon. Roy Cullen (Etobicoke North, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, a tireless community worker, Ms. Delia Dyke, has recently announced her retirement.
Delia has been a diligent worker, a committed volunteer and a true friend of the residents of Etobicoke North.
She began her career at the Willowridge apartment complex and, while there, Delia helped set up a day care centre, Willowridge Training Wheels and Welcome Baby, as well as many other neighbourhood programs.
In 1997, Minister Marc Lalonde appointed Delia to the National Council on Welfare.
Delia then began working at Albion Neighbourhood Services in 1988 as an information counsellor and, later, as the manager of its access program.
Delia's wry sense of humour as well as her reputation for assisting Etobicoke North residents with their income tax preparation will be missed. She was also a very able and hard-working Commissioner of Oaths.
Letters of congratulation to Delia have been pouring in over the years from mayors, MPs, MPPs and city councillors. The letters that touched Delia the most were from the residents she has helped over the years.
We wish Delia the very best that life can offer in her well-deserved retirement.

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