February 1, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


George Perry Graham



General Hughes did not get the information, because there was no part of the money being expended that was Canadian money, it was all coming out of the British Exchequer; but this time part of the money is our money, and we ought to know what is being done. Let me give you a higher authority to which you will all submit. As the Minister of Militia says, this is the balance wheel of the Government; while he and others may be erratic,

the Prime Minister is the balance wheel. Here is what he said in 1903:
Either the Minister of Agriculture was doing this as a Minister of the Crown or he was not. Was he doing it as Mr. Sydney Fisher, providing his own clerks, and as a matter of private [DOT] business between himself and the Imperial Government. If that be the case, we would not press the motion. But if he was doing this as a Minister of the Crown, and not as Mr. Sydney Fisher, but because he held the position of Minister of Agriculture we do not see any reason why all the information should not be laid on the Table. I do not think the hon. the Minister of Finance has suggested any. If I understand the position of the Minister of Agriculture, he was acting as Minister of the Crown of Canada on behalf of the Imperial government, using the officers under his' control who are paid out of the revenues of this country; and therefore I cannot understand what objection there can be, from any reasonable standpoint, to bringing down the papers.

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