February 1, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


George Perry Graham



March 3, 1903, at the
time of the discussion on the South African expenditures. I will give another authority whibh makes it quite clear that the Government ought to be responsible for what it does. Mr. Hughes, of Victoria, now Sir Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia, said:
The fair name of Canada is at stake. There are very serious scandals in connection, not only with these oat and hay purchases, but also the purchase of horses.
Sounds familiar.
I would like the hon. gentleman to understand that when our Government gives instructions to its officers, paid by the Canadian people, the people of Canada are going to inquire into the actions of these men. I hope that the right hon. the Prime Minister will come off his high horse-not one of those horses bought for $40 and sold for $150-and give the information asked for.
If I had time, I should just like to edit that a little and bring it up to date. How well it would sound! I could have the horses, the hay, the oats, almost everything in it. That was the opinion of the present Minister of Militia in 1903, when there was no pretence that any part of the money that was being expended was Canadian money. But in case you might waver at these authorities-because I admit there may be some even in the Government who would not take that last authority, and I do not think any member on the Government side would take the first one-

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