January 20, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Auguste-Charles-Philippe-Robert Landry (Speaker of the Senate)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I trust the hon'. member for St. John will keep to the question of privilege.
Mr. PUGSLEY": What I said with regard to the perfunctory examination of Captain Logan was said with the knowledge that the Order in Council passed by the British Columbia Government, which you will find at page 9 of the correspondence relating to the purchase of two submarines for the Canadian Government, contained these words:
Victoria, 'August 21, 1914.
In pursuance of negotiations conducted for some time previously. Captain W. H. Logan, of Lloyds, made arrangements with Mr. J. V. Paterson, general manager of the Electric Boat Company, Seattle, for the purchase of two submarines.
There is also the fact that Captain Logan had put in a bill to this Government which they paid, I believe, and which hon. gentlemen will find at page 32, as follows:
To personal fees, 15 days at $25 $375
Hotel expenses, 15 days at $10 150
Transportation from Victoria to Seattle and Tacoma, five trips 22
Wires, long-distance telephone, stenographer and other incidental expenses $ 5 0
Having knowledge of these things, I think I had a right to express amazement that Captain Logan was not questioned as to how it happened that, though he was negotiating for a period of fifteen days in relation to this matter, he had never heard of the price. That is the reason I made the statement I did, and that is the reason why I think I am right in saying that the hon. gentleman misrepresented the matter.

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