November 2, 2005 (38th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jerry Pickard


Hon. Jerry Pickard

Mr. Speaker, there are two points that I would like to reiterate. We have set up a program. We have $400 million that are available to the forest industry. We have contributed money to Saskatchewan and have worked with the Saskatchewan government in that case.
We need to focus on our communities, workers and their families and the Canadian industry to improve what has happened.
In 1993 the government did much to foster a vibrant economy. The Government of Canada has eliminated the deficit and paid down some of the debt. We are putting money into ensuring that companies and people in each region of Canada can operate in a very efficient way.
It is clear in my mind that what is being related as a border issue, one that has been a problem between Canada and the United States, is not the issue that is occurring in this community.

Topic:   Adjournment Proceedings
Subtopic:   Parliament of Canada Act
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