June 13, 2005 (38th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jacques Saada


Hon. Jacques Saada (Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Minister responsible for the Francophonie, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague, who is working so hard on this issue.
In addition to the $33 million invested in the softwood lumber industry over the past five years, Canada Economic Development has invested $71 million in 309 production, market development, secondary processing and innovation projects. This is in addition to a $20 million investment by other federal partners.
As for Bill 71, I came to an agreement with Minister Audet to further improve our financial support for mitigation measures and to strike a coordinating committee to better focus our joint support to the affected communities.
If we can do more, we will, but first we need the budget.

Topic:   Oral Question Period
Subtopic:   Softwood Lumber
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