April 29, 2004 (37th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Roger Gallaway


Hon. Roger Gallaway

Mr. Speaker, I thank my friend for that question and I certainly agree with him on all points.
There are many expectations, particularly for new candidates who are elected. People who arrive in this place are looking for answers on a whole bunch of fronts, but many of those fronts have to do with one's personal life and personal status and what the expectations are. It is vitally important that those who come here in the 38th Parliament, the new members in particular, be given some guidelines so that they are not in a position of uncertainty and are not caught in the situation where allegations or suggestions are made or whisper campaigns are started, from which there is sometimes little defence.
I think that a code such as this is simply a framework, because I again will agree with my friend in saying that this is not perfection. No code is. No Standing Orders can contemplate all of the contingencies that can arise in this place and, more important, in the personal life of the 308 members of the 38th Parliament. But it would give one a level of comfort and a guideline. It would give one a framework. I think that is very important.
Finally, I would note that this is not something new in terms of parliaments, legislatures and state assemblies. In North America it is widespread and I understand that in Great Britain a similar regime exists, although it is not identical.

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