February 24, 2004 (37th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Chuck Strahl

Canadian Alliance

Mr. Chuck Strahl (Fraser Valley, CPC)

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member has an encyclopedic knowledge of this subject and I thank him for his remarks.
I would like to ask him a question, but not on the Access to Information Act. From what we have seen lately in the House, the scandal that is kind of gripping the House, should we also have another piece of legislation called the information management act?
Mr. Reid made a proposal and it is basically another act that Parliament should be seized with which would make it illegal to destroy documents that are the property of the Government of Canada. They would then be archived and accessed through the Access to Information Act by all Canadians.
We need one more pillar. We have the Privacy Act to protect people and the Access to Information Act to give us access to information. We need one more thing, which is to preserve the information itself and ensure that all Canadians have access to it.

Topic:   Private Members' Business
Subtopic:   Open Government Act
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