February 18, 2004 (37th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Pauline Picard

Bloc Québécois

Ms. Pauline Picard (Drummond, BQ)

Mr. Speaker, like many Quebeckers, Drummondville airman Gaston Jacques gave his life in defence of his country during World War II.
On May 22, 1944, he and his crewmates were shot down by the Germans.
His family was to never hear of him until a history buff, a woman from Ontario, set out to look for the family of Gaston Jacques.
Some 60 years later, the Jacques learned that their lost brother is buried in a Canadian cemetery in the Bretteville area, in France.
The Jacques family has also just learned that, next year, a memorial to the sacrifice of Gaston Jacques and his crewmates, who died to liberate France, will be erected on the site where Gaston's plane crashed, in Sées.
I therefore pay tribute to the memory of Gaston Jacques, a war hero from Drummondville.

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