June 4, 2003 (37th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Herb Dhaliwal


Hon. Herb Dhaliwal (Minister of Natural Resources, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, I am sure the hon. member knows that there is a program for compensation for those herds that have to be depopulated. All the farmers will be able to get compensation for that.
As far as a larger review, this is something that is ongoing. The situation is evolving. We need to have a good understanding. In fact, that is why the Minister of Agriculture today is in Alberta, to make sure that he meets with the beef industry, has that view and takes that view into consideration.
This situation is being worked on. The Minister of Agriculture is on top of this issue to have a good understanding of what is needed to resolve some of these issues.

Topic:   Oral Question Period
Subtopic:   Agriculture
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