June 4, 2003 (37th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Bryon Wilfert


Mr. Bryon Wilfert (Oak Ridges, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, over the weekend in Winnipeg, I attended the 66th annual conference of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
As a past president of the FCM, I have seen a significant evolution in its relationship with the federal government. Prior to 1993, few, if any, federal cabinet ministers addressed the conferences. Gone are the days when federal representatives ignored FCM issues. Today we have a significant recognition by Ottawa that in order to have competitive communities, the theme of this year's conference, there needs to be a healthy and ongoing interaction between governments.
It is this government that has embraced and implemented the national infrastructure programs. It is this government that established the green municipal fund, strengthening and protecting the natural environment of communities. It is this government that dealt with the payments in lieu of taxes issue. It is this government, through CIDA, that has advanced and promoted municipal expertise around the world through FCM international programs. And it is this government that has regular contact with FCM representatives, including contact with the Prime Minister and many cabinet ministers.
This government continues to be a strong partner with municipal governments across the country.

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