June 4, 2003 (37th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Paul Bonwick


Mr. Paul Bonwick (Simcoe—Grey, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, on April 22, I was privileged to have the opportunity to host a foreign policy round table with constituents in my riding. Twenty individuals from all walks of life, including business representatives, local politicians, representatives from churches and the media, educators, students and artists gathered to discuss Canada's place in the world.
In brief, here are some of the highlights from this energetic dialogue. Participants wanted to encourage multiculturalism without sacrificing their own traditions and beliefs. Participants felt that our nation must continue to focus on fostering friendships with countries through peacekeeping, education and foreign aid. They felt that Canada is well respected globally and said it is vital that we remain distinct in the field of globalization.
In short, irrespective of their views, they had one thing in common: an overwhelming sense of pride in our great land.
I would like to publicly thank everyone who participated in this insightful discussion. It was indeed an excellent opportunity presented by this government to involve all Canadians in addressing long term foreign policy issues.

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Subtopic:   Foreign Affairs
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