March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Douglas Hazen (Minister of Marine and Fisheries; Minister of the Naval Service)

Conservative (1867-1942)


We knew nothing about it in my department in any way. We never heard of his having received it. Had that message come to the attention of the marine authorities, they, of course, would have forwarded Richard's body to Nova Scotia, where it was to be buried. That would have been the humane and proper thing to have done, and the Marine and Fisheries Department would certainly have sent the body of a man dying in the Government service forward at the expense of the department.
It appears there was a boy whom Richard supported. Some time after Richard's death, an application was received by the department for assisting and caring for this boy. It did not appear clear what the relationship

was, and Admiral Kings mi 11 entered into communication on the subject with Captain Stewart of the Canada, and he received a personal reply from Captain Stewart based on the statement, he said, of E. Richard, cousin of the deceased, stating that the boy was a nephew of the deceased and that his father was alive and well able to take care of him, and that he did not -see why Mrs. Richard should ask for assistance. That information was in the department at the time the return was brought down in this House on the 9th of February of last year. On further inquiry by the department, a letter was received on June 22 from Mr. Richard addressed to the minister, .stating -that this boy was no relation whatever of LeBlanc. but that as he was left destitute LeBlanc had taken care of him. LeBlanc died suddenly after having been in the employ of the department only a few months. Under those circumstances, I would ask my hon. friend if he thinks the country should make a grant for that boy. He was no relation to the man who died. The man who took care of him did so out of the kindness of his heart. With all sympathy for the boy under the circumstances- ,

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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