March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Howard Sinclair



Yes, Mrs. Richard got the telegram late on the 22nd, and she answered early on the morning of the 23rd. This is the reply I received from Mr. Laid-law:
Halifax, N.S., August 16, 1914.
J. H. Sinclair, M.P.,
House of Commons,
Dear Sir,-Your favour of the 15th inst.,duly received. The Port Felix message you refer to was received here dated Whitehead, N.S., August 23rd at S.36 a.m. and sent to the Dockyard by messenger for delivery.
It appears that the D.G.S. Canada was not in port and we were instructed to forward the message to Shelburne, N.S., which was done on the same date. Our Shelburne office immediately reported the message as undelivered, the Canada not being there. On August 27 Shelburne advised us to disregard her former service as the Canada had arrived at Shelburne and message had been delivered.
It would appear from the above that the Canada was at sea between the 23rd and 27th of August last year and that Shelburne was her first port of call.
If you should desire further information in regard to this message I shall be glad to do what can to assist you.
Yours truly,
G. Laidlaw,

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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