March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


James Joseph Hughes



My information is that there is a better type of boat in use in the United States. Why was the life-saving station at Souris removed from where it was to where it now is?
This station was established in 1908 and the boathouse built upon some land supposed to belong to Mr. J. J. Hughes, M.P., for which a nominal rental of $1 was to be paid by the department.
In 1911 it became necessary to enlarge the boathouse, and for this more land was required. When the matter was taken up it was discovered that the boathouse was not on Mr. Hughes' land at all, but partly on land belonging to the estate of the late John McPhee and partly on land owned by Mr. John McLean. Mr. Hughes then offered a new lease of right of way at and through his lane with a proviso allowing him to terminate said lease on six months' notice. It was impossible to accept this offer as, if the right of way was withdrawn there would be no way of getting the boat and wagon to the railway.
Mr. Lord, superintendent of life-saving station, after looking into the whole matter, recommended the purchase of a site from Mr. J. A. Remick, to which the boathouse could be movej

before the addition was built, and the matter would then be settled denitely. After approaching Mr. Remlclc, Mr. Lord was advised by Messrs, Fraser and McQuaid, attorneys, that the property in question was owned by the estate of John McPhee and could only be sold or leased after authority had been obtained from the Court of Chancery.
On this being reported to the department the chief engineer advised having the land expropriated, which was accordingly done. The cost of the land was $76, being 76 feet at $1 per foot frontage and the building was moved on to it at a cost of $70. After moving the building was reported to be in good shape. On the 17th of February 1914, however, the boathouse was damaged by an exceedingly heavy easterly gale which occurred on that day. It was then decided that the building had been placed too far forward when moved and it was accordingly moved back a little further where it now it.
My ihon. friend asked me about this and asked me to have the information when the Naval Estimates came up.

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