March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


Alexander William Chisholm



The moment Mr. Maillet tried to enforce the regulations sent to him by my hon. friend's department, he incurred the enmity of the crew. The charges that were being made by the crew of the station were not laid before Admiral Kingsmill when he went down there, because the Admiral says that the crew had no charges to make. The same may be said in respect of Mr. Nicholson's visit. The crew of the station did not make their charges against the captain while the officers were there, showing conclusively that the whole thing was manufactured by politicians. My hon. friend's interpretation of Admiral Kingsmill's reference to politics does not correspond with mine. So long as the department refuses to help the captain of the life-saving station to carry out the regulations, so long will the station fail to produce the results I had
hoped that it would produce. This man Maillet made an honest effort to carry out the instructions sent to him by the department, and thereby made himself un popular with the crew. The crew and their friends sent representations here which were false, and which they dared , not make when my hon, friend's representatives were down there. The matter is in the minister's hands.

Mr. A. A. McLEAN; I shoulcl like to bring to the attention of the minister a report which was current in the Maritime Provinces last year. A very severe storm occurred in Northumberland strait, and the report reached Charlottetown that a vessel was in distress between cape Tormentine and cape Traverse. The marine agent at Charlottetown sent the lifeboat to relieve the distressed vessel. The lifeboat could not get there unaided, and was towed by a tug. On the way out in the height of the storm, the crew went on board the tug, and shortly afterwards the lifeboat upset. If the crew had been on board the lifeboat, they would have been drowned. What I want to bring to the attention of the minister is the fact that it is currently stated that the boats which are supplied are not suitable for the purposes of life-saving stations. There is no use in maintaining life-saving stations at great expense if the boats supplied are not of the proper type.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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