March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


Alexander William Chisholm



I have taken particular interest in this station. In fact, I give myself credit for having initiated the idea of having it put there. The late Government made provision for the erection of a istation. I recognized that there was a great necessity for a life-saving station in that particular part of the county, inasmuch as the people are exclusively fishermen, ana rne coast is very rough. At the time the engineer went down there first to select a site for the station, I recommended to him a man by the name of Mr. Doucett for coxswain, or captain of the boat, as they name it 'down there. The change of Government came afterwards, and the friends of my hon. friend the minister made the .recommendation that this man be dismissed and another man be appointed in his stead, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Maillet. Mr. Maillet, I must say, was a very suitable man.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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