March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Douglas Hazen (Minister of Marine and Fisheries; Minister of the Naval Service)

Conservative (1867-1942)


It was an arrangement that was made, I understand, by Admiral Kingsmill, who Went down there >and decided upon the ground. That probably was the cheapest way of doing it. The land was secured from the man who put up the building. As I understand it, he gave the land and put up the building for $425. I think Admiral Kingsmill came to the conclusion that that was the cheapest way out of the matter, because if he had not given the man the job of putting up the building, the land would have cost a great deal more. Putting the two together, Ad-

miral Kingsmill thought he was making a good bargain. The matter never came to my attention before to-night. I have just picked up the information about it here.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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