March 27, 1915 (12th Parliament, 5th Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Leader of the Official Opposition)



My hon. friend is doing the very reverse of what he says he is doing. He says he is putting in this amendment for the purpose of uniformity, and he refers to the Inland Revenue Act. That Act says that proceedings can be instituted by any informer. In this case the minister prevents the informer from laying information. Therefore, he diversifies, and then having taken from the Inland Revenue Act the power of having proceedings instituted by an informer, he refers US' again to that Act. The point is not worth fighting about; but it seems to me that, if this Government is to become a party to a suit, the only one who ought to become that party is the Attorney General. Yesterday, when the Militia Estimates were under consideration, 1 claimed that certain proprietors had not been paid for their land, and I w!as told that the matter was in the hands of the Attorney General. And so it ought to he. This legislation would be simplified if such matters were left in the hands of the Attorney General.

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