March 17, 2000 (36th Parliament, 2nd Session)


The Speaker

I take very seriously of course this allegation of a breach of our rules, as the hon. member for London North Centre has claimed. At the very least, I will take the advice of the hon. member for Nanaimo—Alberni. The member of parliament for Lakeland has been named in this particular point of privilege. I would like to hear what he has to say about it.
This is not a report from the committee that is before the House, at least at this point. I believe we have a steering committee, which is the term that the member used and he will correct me if I am wrong, and this met in camera. That is one thing.
Second, I do not know that the committee itself has dealt with this issue.
Third, I do not know, and perhaps some of you would know, but did this actually take place, was a document used and was it indeed a document that can be identified by the members of the committee?
I have a couple of questions before I deal with this, at least at this point. I will hold it in abeyance at the very least until I hear what the hon. member for Lakeland has to say about this.
I see the hon. member getting to his feet. Does he have more information that he can give to the Chair?

Subtopic:   Privilege
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