March 2, 2000 (36th Parliament, 2nd Session)


The Speaker

I am aware of this motion. I read the order paper, as the hon. member did today. I see that not only he but a number of other members of parliament want to intervene on this question.
I am faced with two things. The first is that this motion is not before the House at this point. I do not know if this is the motion that will be presented for discussion. I do not know if it will be added to and I do not know if it will be changed. Until it is before the House, I would prefer to hold any kind of decisions or even debate on it.
The second thing I am faced with is that in normal circumstances, in our practices here in the House, when we do have an opposition day we usually give all kinds of leeway for the people who have presented the motion to have their day in parliament.
With regard to this particular motion, I am aware that there are difficulties for some members of parliament. The motion is not before the House, so I will keep in mind what the hon. member has said thus far. However, I would prefer to receive opinions and advice from the House when the motion is before the House. It is not there. Therefore I will not hear them today and we will go on with our normal business.
When this motion, or any other, is introduced, I shall of course listen to all hon. members who wish to speak on it at that time. We shall, however, wait until the motion is moved.

Topic:   Routine Proceedings
Subtopic:   Points Of Order
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