April 1, 1998 (36th Parliament, 1st Session)


Scott Brison

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Scott Brison (Kings—Hants, PC)

Mr. Speaker, as we welcome in the spring season I think it is time we join the government in celebrating this golden economic age.
Our unemployment figures are half those of the United States. Our youth unemployment rate is at its lowest in years. Young Americans are lining up at our borders to seek greater opportunities in Canada. Our neighbours in other G-7 countries are paying higher taxes than we are in Canada. Our hospitals are being flooded by doctors who are coming here from the U.S. seeking greater opportunities. Our Canadian dollar is trading at record high levels. There are fewer people on welfare than ever before.
This government should be commended on its stalwart economic record. Never before have Canadians seen such a golden age.
Oh yes, happy April Fool's Day.

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