June 3, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)




1. What was the total amount spent for the repairing: or reconstruction of the wharf at L'lle Verte, Temiscouata, during the summer of 191-3?
2. Out of that amount what sum of money has been spent for the purchase of the wood necessary for such work?
3. What are the full names and addresses of the parties entrusted by the department with the purchase of such wood?
4. What is the full name and address of each of the parties who sold wood intended for such work?
5. What quantity of wood did each of them sell?
6. What price was paid per foot or otherwise to each of them for the said wood sold, and the total sum paid to each of them?
7. Was such sum of money paid directly to the seller himself in every instance?
8. If it was paid through a third party, what is the name and address of such third party?
9. How many mooring posts have been delivered on said wharf while the work was in progress?
10. What was the cost of each of these posts?
11. What is the full name and address or each of the parties who sold such posts to the department?

Subtopic:   L'lLE VERTE WHARF.
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