November 6, 1997 (36th Parliament, 1st Session)


Yvan Loubier

Bloc Québécois

Mr. Yvan Loubier (Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot, BQ)

Madam Speaker, I would like to ask a question to the Liberal member. If he says that this legitimate request from Quebec is like shooting blanks, if he says that our case is weak, if he says that we have no reason to submit a bill for $2 billion to the federal government, why is the federal government refusing our offer, which is very reasonable in this case? This is to avoid constant wars with numbers.
Our offer is to appoint an independent committee of experts that would analyze our numbers and the government's numbers. If this assessment would show that we are wrong, we would humbly admit it. However, if we are right, the committee would have the power to force the federal government to pay the $2 billion. That is my first remark.
I have a second one. If this is like shooting blanks and if this is a feeble attempt by the Bloc Quebecois to sow dissension, I would like the member to explain to me how it is that all provincial premiers, who are not members of the Bloc Quebecois—Mr. Harris and Mr. Clark are not members of the Bloc Quebecois—support the Quebec government in this request for a payment of $2 billion? I would like him to explain this to me.

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   Supply
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