May 29, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John William Bell


I am afraid that is a pretty serious statement, namely, that you will make the Intercolonial management do anything.
Mr. REiID: Of course we will. As I understand it, a train leaves Moncton, goes up the line one day and back the next. If there were sufficient traffic to justify the operating of a daily service, or more than one train a day each way, there is no doubt at all that the management would have the necessary service put on. I understand, however, that the train that is now doing the work does not have a full load either way each day, and that, therefore, the running of more trains would only increase the loss now being suffered each month under the present service. The delay in not having the road completed is not the fault of this Government. The contracts were let some years ago. The contractors have been pushed and pressed by the commission, the Minister of Railways and Canals and myself, while I was acting during the absence of the Minister of Railways and Canals, to get them to complete the road at the earliest possible date. There are other parts of the road between Winnipeg and Quebec where the contractors have not finished their work. The original contracts were let, I think, in 1907 or 1908.

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