October 3, 1996 (35th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Williams


Mr. John Williams (St. Albert, Ref.)

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Charles Schroeder and Mr. Bob McGinn in my riding believe that the 7 per cent GST is an unjust tax on reading materials and state that a
regressive tax on reading handicaps that development. Their letter was endorsed by 56 other constituents in my riding.
Ordinary Canadians want the GST on books removed. The Minister of Finance has doubled the taxation on books in Atlantic Canada. His GST harmonization policy which has replaced the Liberal red book policy of GST elimination is going to double taxation on books right across the country.
Education is the foundation of our prosperity. An educated mind is the most valuable resource a country has. Obviously this government ignores these realities in order to raise taxes to fund its insatiable appetite for big government.
Mr. Schroeder and Mr. McGinn have demonstrated their commitment to education by the giving of their time to serve on school boards. Will the government recognize that education is important and eliminate the GST-

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Subtopic:   Goods And Services Tax
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