May 15, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Leader of the Official Opposition)



The motion
that the House should sit On Saturday as a rule is not brought down until all the Government programme has been laid upon the table. The programme is still incomplete, in this at all events, that the Supplementary Estimates have not yet been laid before the House. If that were all, I would not object to sitting on Saturday, because I am as anxious as anybody else to facilitate the ending of the work we have on hand. I am not aware, however, that that is all; perhaps my right hon. friend has other things to bring down. But, even aside from that, there is objection to sitting on Saturday.
As the season is far advanced, I do not object to the taking of Saturday as a sitting day; but I would suggest to my hon. friend that at all events we should not sit tomorrow. The notice that we have had has been too short; only yesterday we heard

for the first time that it was the intention of the Government to sit to-morrow and the following Saturdays. I interpose this objection to our being called upon to sit to-morrow that many members of the House, myself included, have made other engagements for that day. If we have, however, notice that we shall sit the next and following Saturdays, hon. gentlemen will be able to make arrangements accordingly. I hope therefore that my right hon. friend will modify his motion in order that it may take effect not from to-morrow but from the following Saturday.

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