May 12, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Louis-Philippe Pelletier (Postmaster General)

Conservative (1867-1942)


The case to which my hon. friend has referred is one deserving not only as he said of the ordinary form of consideration, but of special consideration. Mr. Tye was an old sen ant in the Post Office Department, who lost his life under very special circumstances. If that case bad stood exactly as given to us here by my hon. friend, there would not have been any hesitation in giving something to the poor widow. But there is one important fact which I have found on the file when my hon. friend (Air. Morphy) took up this matter with me. I may say that this is not the first time that he has taken up the matter. He has devoted to this cause a good deal of attention and care, and he is quite satisfied that he is right in what he says, because he is very keen in insisting cn it.
The man was burned to death and the family was left in poor circumstances, but I have found the practice in the department which my officers have informed me has existed for years without one exception, that when we are called upon to give some compensation in cases like this, we never do it when the widow and children have had some other compensation. In this case the widow has had damages awarded to her by the court, and which were paid to her by the Grand Trunk Railway Company, to the extent of nearly $10,000-

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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