April 21, 1994 (35th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sue Barnes


Mrs. Sue Barnes (London West)

Mr. Speaker, in this National Volunteer Week I applaud the vital contribution of volunteers in our communities.
Volunteering benefits both parties. It provides self-fulfilment for the volunteer. The volunteer performs numerous tasks that otherwise could not be done. Participation by volunteers in our society strengthens the interrelated fabric of our communities.
Over 13 million Canadians are involved in volunteer work either on their own or through an organization. Canadians contribute over one billion hours in time to voluntary organizations, the equivalent of 617,000 full time positions. Translated into a 1990 dollar equivalent, the collective value of this volunteer time is $13.2 billion annually.
It is important to thank these selfless people who enrich and serve our country through their generous sharing of time and talents.
Bravo, fellow Canadians.

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