April 14, 1994 (35th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sue Barnes


Mrs. Sue Barnes (London West)

Mr. Speaker, with national Citizenship Week starting on April 17, I would like to highlight the important contribution of immigrants to Canadian society.
Canada is a nation of immigrants. The country as we know it would not exist without the struggle and determination of millions of people of diverse origin and background who have landed on Canadian shores in search of a better life.
The bilingual and multicultural character of Canadian society is a source of wealth. Immigrants also contribute to the Canadian economy through the actual inflow of capital investment, the setting up of self-employed businesses and the importation of required skills.
In time many immigrants become Canadian citizens and share willingly the privileges and responsibilities that citizenship bestows. As one immigrant Canadian I am both proud and thankful and I look forward to next week's celebration of Canadian citizenship.

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Subtopic:   Citizenship Week
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