March 10, 1994 (35th Parliament, 1st Session)


Anne McLellan


Ms. McLellan

Mr. Speaker, in relation to the infrastructure program and small businesses, small businesses will create jobs. What do small businesses need to create those jobs-renovated and rebuilt infrastructure. They need good public transportation, good roads, good sewer systems, cleaner air. That is what they need to compete with their competitors around the world.
It is interesting that our major global competitors, Germany, Japan and the United States, are contributing billions and billions of dollars over the next 10 years to renovate their public infrastructure. Why? They know it is a public responsibility to provide the foundation, the bricks and the mortar, so businesses can then do the job they do best which is to create wealth and put people back to work.
That is why this government, with its commitment to long term thinking, is making this short term commitment to the renovation of this country's infrastructure.

Topic:   Government Orders
Subtopic:   The Budget
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