June 16, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Martin Brian Mulroney (Prime Minister)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Mulroney:

I will be leaving this House and Parliament today. I can say that I would normally miss the members of the opposition but I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of them. Some of them will be leaving with me too, including some who do not expect to. Public life is not always as rewarding as some people think. Imagine, 10 years of sparring across the aisle with Tobin and I do not even get a gold Timex.

I would also like on behalf of us all-I know he has been retained elsewhere because of an important commitment, but he should be here shortly-to congratulate the hon. member for Sherbrooke who won the respect and affection of thousands of Canadians during these past months. Members of this House are familiar with the remarkable qualities of the Minister of the Environment. I know they will also want to congratulate him on the dignity, the intelligence and the sense of principle with which he conducted his campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.

He and Michele waged a superb campaign that we will always remember for its class and eloquence and his extraordinary contribution to the public policy debate. On behalf of all members, I wish the Minister of the Environment every success.

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