June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Steve Butland

New Democratic Party

Mr. Steve Butland (Sault Ste. Marie):

Mr. Speaker, just when you think everything has been said I thought of one more thing. However, the member for Egmont will still get the last word which is only appropriate.
I have a very brief comment. I think it was John Donne who said that no man is an island. I have to make that politically correct and say that no person is an island. However, it has just dawned on me: When is no island an island? When a bridge is built, it is no longer an island.

June 15, 1993
Government Orders
The member equated the international bridge between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to this particular link. He knows that is totally erroneous. My neighbouring colleague from Algoma asked how the member for Sault Ste. Marie could be against this link when he wants a little link in his own constituency rebuilt. It is a lock. It is a $12 million to $13 million project. He asked how it was possible to vote against this link and at the same time look for funds from the government to repair that lock. Both analogies are absolutely erroneous and I know the member will agree with me when he stands.
Various polls have been taken. We probably have to accept the fact that the plebiscite or whatever it was called several years ago was 65-35. I understand that another poll has been taken and it is still predominantly in favour. I wonder whether the members from P.E.I. have asked the young people because they have most at stake in this.
I just came across a letter written by liana Kunclius, president of Students for Environmental Action in Bluefield High School. She is talking about the analysis being rushed. "We feel that for Public Works Canada to continue this megaproject without the suggested and crucial environmental studies is irresponsible". This comes from a young person and I am just wondering in all sincerity, what is the feeling of the young people of P.E.I. about this project?

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