June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles James Mayer (Minister of Agriculture)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Charles Mayer (Minister of Agriculture):

Madam Speaker, I should remind the hon. member very simply that the original co-operative on the prairies goes back to the Sintaluta trial in 1904. That established the Territorial Grain Growers' Association which is now the United Grain Growers. It operates in all four provinces, including the Peace River part of British Columbia. The United Grain Growers is very supportive of this decision.

Oral Questions
I should also remind him that many members of co-operatives of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba pools support this.
The hon. member stands up and mixes up some of these things. He knows absolutely nothing about which he is talking. This is a good decision. It is made in the interests of the producers themselves. It lets producers exercise some judgment. That will result in better income for individual producers.
That is what this is about. It gives producers a chance to earn more themselves instead of continually coming to the government for hand-outs. We are in favour of that. The NDP is in favour of making everybody wards of the state. That does not work.

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