June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Raymond John Funk

New Democratic Party

Mr. Ray Funk (Prince Albert-Churchill River):

Madam Speaker, it appears obvious that in spite of all the song and dance about change, about renewal and about inclusion that nothing has changed across the aisle. The corporate giants are still in charge of John Diefenbaker's party.
My supplementaiy question is for the same minister, this time in his role as the minister for co-ops. How can he reconcile his role as an advocate for co-operative principles with his recent decisions on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board and the Crow benefit? He knows full well that these institutions are the pillars which four generations of prairie people have built up in order to maintain a degree of control over their livelihoods and their communities.
How can the minister be advocating policies which are undermining and destroying the very basic idea of organizing society co-operatively which he has sworn an oath to defend within this government?

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