June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles James Mayer (Minister of Agriculture)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Charles Mayer (Minister of Agriculture):

Madam Speaker, I do not think what we are doing is eroding the power of the Canadian Wheat Board. All we are doing is giving producers an option to decide what they should do with their own products.
A lot of people were consulted in this process and the hon. member knows that. It has been a very open process going back almost a year and a half. The result was that a committee was struck which included people from all parts of the industry. The committee basically set its own terms of reference, hired its own consultants and came up with its report. Many groups on the prairies certainly support this.
Just to conclude, this is about giving producers a choice and letting the producers themselves decide in their own wisdom what the best way is to market the product they produce.

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