June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Carnell Crosbie (Minister for the purposes of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Act; Minister of Fisheries and Oceans)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. John C. Crosbie (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and Minister for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency):

Mr. Speaker, apparently the hon. gentleman is not listening.
On the great northern peninsula there are a number of people already found eligible to receive assistance under the northern cod program. They are receiving assistance.
A fisherman could not receive assistance until after May 15 because that is when the period for UI runs out. They can only be found eligible for assistance now if they cannot find any fish during this fishing season, at which time they will be found eligible for job projects.
The same is true of workers. We have 44 plants designated, a total of 3,840 workers eligible, including Eric King Fisheries Ltd., Compak Seafoods, Long Range Seafood, Burnt Islands, Rose Blanche and Isle aux Morts, all at the bottom part of the west coast of Newfoundland.
The great northern peninsula will be handled as the need arises. I can assure the hon. gentleman that as the need arises they will be served now that he has indicated his approval.

Subtopic:   FISHERIES
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