June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Iain Francis Angus (Whip of the N.D.P.)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Iain Angus (Thunder Bay-Atikokan):

Madam Speaker, my final supplementary is for the same minister. The minister knows full well that CN and CP are currently examining the future of the rail industry east of Winnipeg. It is entirely likely that this summer they will announce their intention to abandon one of the main lines connecting Winnipeg through Thunder Bay, through northwestern Ontario to eastern Canada.
We are not just talking about the railways' bottom line. We are talking about hundreds, if not thousands of communities. We are talking about tens of thousands of workers. In fact we are talking about whether regions of this country will be connected to the rest of Canada.
Will the minister finally show some leadership and instruct the NTA not to accept any further applications until this mess can be sorted out by the national government, not by the railways?

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