June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Howard Douglas McCurdy

New Democratic Party

Mr. Howard McCurdy (Windsor-St. Clair):

Madam Speaker, why does the Secretary of State have a national advisory group on student financial assistance? It is a committee that has been completely ignored by her. Alarmed by new financial arrangements with the banks, by lack of information on new needs assessment rules, by new minimum course loads, by effects on part-time students and by implications to accessibility and affordability of government plans, the group took the unprecedented step of calling its own meeting only to be told that the department's plan still cannot be revealed.
A year ago the Council of Ministers of Education also criticized the government's inaction and lack of consultation. The advisory group has demanded a meeting with the Secretary of State to end the impasse for the benefit of students.
She should get off of her duff and be there. Not to do so would be inexcusable.

Subtopic:   EDUCATION
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