June 15, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Beryl Gaffney


Mrs. Beryl Gaffney (Nepean):

Madam Speaker, the United Nations and the European Community have denounced human rights violations by a repressive government in Sudan dominated by fundamentalists who
June 15, 1993

seek to impose Islamic law on the Christians living in the southern part of the country.
For nearly ten years Sudan has been tom by war between its largely Arab and Muslim north and its African and Christian south. In the past decade a million people have died in the south.
Canada's position on enhancing the relations with other countries of the world must be influenced by the values Canadians believe in. Freedom of expression, socio-economic participation and personal dignity are inherent human rights and all individuals who are free to exercise these rights have a moral obligation to support those who do not.
Human rights have no borders and any relations the Canadian government has with Sudan, and indeed all countries, must be considered in this context.

Subtopic:   HUMAN RIGHTS
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