June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel James Macdonnell Heap

New Democratic Party

Mr. Dan Heap (TVinity-Spadina):

Madam Speaker, still the sentences are at zero after five years of promises like the one we have heard.
My supplementary is for the Minister of International Trade. Since this government signed the North American free trade agreement, giving up some of Canada's sovereign control over our natural resources and our trade to a North American administration shared with the government of Mexico, is this government aware of the continued widespread, unpunished human rights violations by Mexico's police since President Salinas took office five years ago? These are violations of the rights of peasants, trade union members, journalists and opposition politicians. How does the minister condone by silence in his negotiations the brutal practice of oppression by the Salinas government and how can the minister assure this House that we-

Subtopic:   HUMAN RIGHTS
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