June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Barbara Jean McDougall (Secretary of State for External Affairs)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Barbara McDougall (Secretary of State for External Affairs):

Madam Speaker, when I was in Mexico just over a week ago I stressed again what the government has been stressing with the Mexican government, including in my meeting with President Salinas, our concern for human rights in Mexico and in other countries in the region and our encouragement that they
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continue down the path of trying to better their human rights record in Mexico. I want to assure the hon. member, knowing his interest in the subject and my own,
I think we have some mutual ground on this.
There has been considerable progress in Mexico. President Salinas and members of his cabinet regard it as fundamental to the kind of changes they want to bring to Mexico, that they open up their legal processes, improve them, improve their policing and all of the things that matter in a democratic society where human rights are respected and encouraged.
One of the facts we are encouraged by is that the Mexican National Human Rights Commission, which we in Canada have assisted to set in place, set some parameters for and worked with, has reported that complaints regarding torture have fallen dramatically. It is not at zero. It should be at zero. The president knows that and so do we. We will continue to work along these lines.

Subtopic:   HUMAN RIGHTS
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