June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel James Macdonnell Heap

New Democratic Party

Mr. Dan Heap (TVinity-Spadina):

Madam Speaker, my question is for the Secretary of State for External Affairs.
Amnesty International's update report of June 1993 entitled "Mexico: The Persistence of Torture and Impunity" which I sent to the minister this morning states: "The Mexican government has repeatedly promised to defend human rights and to punish those who violate them. Yet torture is still widespread and to the knowledge of Amnesty International nobody has yet been sentenced for the crime of torture in Mexico".
My question to the minister is this. What action has the minister taken to insist that Canada's proposed partner in the North American free trade agreement begin to enforce the human rights principles that President Salinas has claimed to uphold for five years?

Subtopic:   HUMAN RIGHTS
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