June 14, 1993 (34th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles James Mayer (Minister of Agriculture)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Charles Mayer (Minister of Agriculture):

Madam Speaker, we have had some problems with the Americans on national tripartite, but to point out again, we won two panels on live hogs and pork that saw I think over $20 million of refunds to Canadian producers.
I should tell the member that the department has been doing some work with various provinces. We hope that at the federal-provincial meeting coming up in the early part of July we can make some pretty good progress in getting additional commodities to be part of the NISA process as a way of supporting.
June 14, 1993

The prospects for both beef and horticulture are good. The hon. member will know what I am talking about because he has been very involved in this. We appreciate his involvement. Hopefully if we can make the progress we think we can, it will be a much better program for producers. Certainly it will be more in compliance with the international trade rules.
We are making some progress in the area about which he is showing some concern.

Subtopic:   FISHERIES
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